Thursday, 8 November 2012

The annual strange looking tomato blog

As usual I have been growing tomatoes in the greenhouse for use for our guest's breakfasts. This year has been no exception in managing to provide an odd shaped tomato that can go on display. This fine shaped chap has been on display in the entrance hall for a while drawing many an admiring comment. I have to admit that the smile and eyes are not completely natural!

Autumn is well and truly with us now and with the clocks having changed the nights are getting dark so early now. We have still managed to get some lovely sunny days and Pam and I have managed to get some nice long walks in the sunshine albeit with a few extra layers of clothing on.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Shakespeare comes to Folly Farm Cottage

How many people can say that they have had their bathroom painted by a Shakespearean actor? One of our Villagers, actor Mark Carey, while resting between acting jobs takes on a few painting jobs. He recently painted the bathroom in the Orchard apartment for us as part of our ongoing maintenance works at the Cottage. He also spent some time painting our windows in the cottage to make sure that we maintain our four star gold award appearance.
Our annual inspection took place in May of this year and we were delighted to maintain the four star rating and to still be awarded a gold award for our service.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Pastoral Scene

What a lovely scene at Berry Orchard just up the road from the cottage yesterday afternoon with the site of some lovely new lambs and the ducks swimming past on the pond. The sun was out full and the picture was just perfect. How can you resist coming to Ilmington for a break?
The weather has definitely picked up again and the cold breeze of last week has almost gone. With the daffodils appearing round the village and the buds appearing on the trees I think Spring has made it's full appearance.
Bookings are coming in nicely now but there is still space for you to get in touch and book your room of choice.
We look forward to welcoming back previous guests and also new friends here at Folly Farm Cottage.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Has Spring arrived early?

It might be only late January but the snowdrops have started to show through in the garden. I guess it will be the mild weather that has prompted this early arrival but it is so nice to see. There are even buds on the trees showing already so let's hope that there is no sudden change in the weather or a snowfall or two.
The Cottage is looking as pretty as ever and the bookings are starting to come in for Springtime and the Summer.
We look forward to meeting old friends and new in this new year.